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Apollo Sprayers

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Apollo Sprayers HVLP Turbine Sprayers and Sunless Spray Tanning – A Perfect Match 2003 two unlikely industries came together as the UV FREE Sunless Tanning Industry discovered Apollo High Volume Low Pressure spray Tanning equipment. UV Free Sunless Tanning turned to Apollo Sprayers, the leader and innovator in High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) spray technology, to engineer and design machines to meet the unique needs of the UV Free Sunless Tanning industry.

Apollo Sprayers developed the HVLPsun™ Spray Tanning Systems – quickly becoming the system of choice for salons, spas and independent technicians around the world.

HVLPsun™ Spray Tanning Systems are gentle, efficient and cost effective. The tanning solution goes precisely where you want it to go. Technicians can easily shade and contour. The spray tanning solution is so finely atomized that not a drop is wasted.

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