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Spray Tan Pro Apollo T100 HVLP Elite Kit

$1,499.00 $999.99
(You save $499.01)

Product Description

The Apollo Spray Tanning HVLP Machine is one of the leading spray tan machines on the the market. Lightweight machine is perfect for mobile technicians or salon owners looking for a cost effective introduction into spray tanning. Become one of the many beauticians who have discovered how profitable the spray tan market is. With Artesian Tan you can be confident that you will receive the very best quality at the most competitive price. Don't forget our award winning service!
Beat the Credit Crunch. Start your own profitable business today with minimal outlay.
This kit has the potential to make...$3444.00 in profit! It pays for it self!
Here is what you get..........
1) Professional Tanning Sprayer - Apollo T100 HVLP with Professional Gun

2) 3 Liters (34oz bottles) of Sunless Spray Tan Solution
2oz per person at $45.00 each = $2,270.00
4) Sunless Retail Kit Includes: 4 each of the following for resale:
Use daily to build or extend radiant golden color. The simplest way to control your tan's level
of darkness. Gentle, natural tanning agents are blended with the highest of quality ingredients
to produce superior, subtle color.
Invigorating scrub designed to exfoliate and polish rough, dry skin while providing superior
hydration. Eliminates dryness instantly. Evens out tone and texture for flawless color results.
Special formula will not strip your skin's natural amino acids (acid mantel) to keep
DHA/Sunless color development at its very best.
(4)- Hydrating Body Wash
This luxuriously foamy cleanser is packed with moisturizing agents that leave skin super
hydrated and lusciously scented. Special formula will not strip your skin's natural amino
acids (acid mantel) to keep DHA/Sunless color development at its very best.
(4)- 7oz Kahuna Bay Bronze Sunless Tanning Spray Can
Ultra-fine spray quickly delivers instant color & smooth golden results without aerosol
(4)- 2oz Kahuna Bay Touch Up Spray & Face Extender
Bronzing formula gives an instant golden glow & assists in even application.

5) 34oz Kahuna Bay Barrier Cream
The answer to prevent extra browning in the knees, elbows, foot and cuticle areas, which absorb more
cosmetic bronzer and DHA because of the texture of the skin in those areas. This lotion is applied
to those areas before the sunless tanning session to reduce this problem.
6) 34oz Kahuna Bay pH balancing spray
Preps skin for Sunless Tanning
7) 16oz DHA stop
DHA Stop is designed for use after application of any cosmetic or DHA bronzing product, such a
s airbrush
tanning solution, to reduce the browning of palms and hands. It will also greatly reduce
the appearance of existing DHA stains.
Using tanning bronzers in your airbrush/HVLP Gun can leave a build-up of residue that can clog spray
and interfere with the correct operation of the airbrush.
9) 1oz Kahuna Bay Booster Drops
Our drops contain the highest level of DHA (50%) of any on the market, you only need 5 drops
per 1 ounce
of Solution to increase your DHA % by 1%. Can be used with any Spray Tan Solution.
10) 100 tanning hairnets/caps
Stationary and comfortable 21" disposable cap/hairnet. Perfect for covering hair during salon and spa
spray tanning.
11) 200 4x4 body blotters/wipes
Highly absorbent body blotters are lint and texture free. Great for blotting mistakes wial airbrush
spray tanning without streaking or damaging your spray tan.
13) 8 oz Kahuna Bay Training Spray
Our spray tan training solution has a natural bronze color guide and provides your test
client with an instant
color that will not last past their first shower.
14) 100 Pc Disposable Pack
(50 Bikinis, 25 Bras, 25 Thongs)

15) Kahuna Bay Tan Poster


  • Apollo T100 Mini-Mist®

    Portable, Affordable, Reliable

    The Apollo Sprayer Mini-Mist® is easy to use anywhere: at home, in a client’s home, in a low volume salon, or as a small business start up. The Apollo Sprayer Mini-Mist ® gives you all the superb qualities of HVLP Sunless Tanning at a very attractive price. Light weight and perfectly portable, the Mini-Mist® is expressly designed to apply tanning solutions evenly and efficiently.

    The Mini-Mist® Advantages:

    • The Apollo Sprayer Mini-Mist® is easy to use, and highly cost effective since the solution goes on the client, not in the air
    • Superbly engineered, the Apollo Sprayer Mini-Mist® Turbine Motor and Mist Applicator put precision control in the technician’s hands.
    • The Apollo Sprayer Mini-Mist® mighty powerful motor produces a high volume of air (CFM) at a very low pressure (PSI)
    • Our Apollo Sprayer Mini-Mist® Applicator has all stainless steel fluid parts, to atomize the solution into tiny perfect particles in a precision controlled spray fan
    • The Apollo Sprayer Mini-Mist® Applicator is always cool to the technician’s touch, a key feature during a long day of spray tanning
    • Tanning solution goes on smoothly and gently in a fine layer to maximize skin and DHA adhesion giving an absolutely flawless end result

    The Apollo Sprayer Mini-Mist® offers you a secure position in the highly profitable and high customer satisfaction business of UV Sunless Tanning. We predict that you’ll discover it to be the simplest, most wonderfully designed piece of essential beauty equipment you’ve ever used.


    Apollo High Volume Low Pressure Sprayers and UV Sunless Tanning – A Perfect Match

    In 2003 two unlikely industries came together as the UV Sunless Tanning Industry discovered Apollo High Volume Low Pressure spray equipment. UV Sunless Tanning turned to Apollo Sprayers, the leader and innovator in High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) spray technology, to engineer and design machines to meet the unique needs of the UV Sunless Tanning industry.

    Apollo Sprayers developed the HVLPsun™ Tanning Systems – quickly becoming the system of choice for salons, spas and independent technicians around the world.

    HVLPsun™ Tanning Systems are gentle, efficient and cost effective. The tanning solution goes precisely where you want it to go. Technicians can easily shade and contour. The tanning solution is so finely atomized that not a drop is wasted.

    HVLPsun™ Tanning Systems features:

    • 42 years of Apollo Sprayers’ HVLP expertise goes into every system
    • Motors selected by HVLPsun™ provide high efficiency and longevity
    • Mist Applicators are ergonomically engineered for technician’s comfort
    • Mist Applicators are specially designed to stay cool to the touch – a major plus during a long working day
    • Superfine mist for maximum customer comfort
    • All models are lightweight and portable
    • Attractive sleek styling
    • Customizable colors and packages to suit every salon
    • Precision designed Mist Applicators are simple to use, clean and maintain

Warranty Information

1 Year Manufacture Warranty on Apollo Sprayers Machine

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